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Trinity Insurance clients enjoy custom-developed insurance plans to ensure they have a comprehensive level of protection against any risks in their business or personal lives.

Founded by Steve Maley, at Trinity Insurance, Steve makes it the core of his business to listen to clients, understand their needs, and ensure they have insurance protection finely tuned to their needs, with no unnecessary costs.

Special Employment Insurance Types

– Professionals Working Overseas

Typical Travel Insurance covers you in the event of illness or injury while you are overseas, but you need a different type of insurance if you are in the country to work. This policy covers you in most occupations overseas, so that you can work secure in the knowledge that you are covered if anything goes wrong.

– Working in NZ Insurance

Thousands of people visit New Zealand to work each year. But a special type of visa is required and also a special type of insurance beyond regular travel insurance is too. Working in NZ Insurance gives visitors full access to medical treatments in New Zealand for the amount of time that they are here.

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