We will work with you to find the best insurance for your needs.

Personal Insurance
Protect your family and properties from the unexpected.
Ensure your business remains on an even keel, even in rough seas.
Special Insurance
Sometimes you need special insurance protection, we can help!
Life Insurance
Make sure there are no added struggles for your family to deal with.
General Insurance
We will refer you to our trusted general insurance specialised

Why do we need insurance?

Insurance coverage can take many forms, but all provide financial protection for you, your family or business in the event of illness, injury or death. Your loved ones are likely to be financially effected if your income is lost for whatever reason, but insurance helps make a difficult time less taxing on emotions and finances alike.

It is vital that insurance is tailored to your situation, so that you are covered in the areas and at the rates that you need to be. Without specialist knowledge it can be difficult to determine what types and levels of insurance you need, so having a knowledgeable and experienced advisor can ensure you get exactly what you need.

Steve Maley at Trinity Insurance can take you through all your options and set up custom insurance plans tailored to your lifestyle, situation and budget. Engaging a professional insurance broker means you have no nasty surprises down the line and you don’t have to spend hours of your time trying to do it all yourself.

Make an appointment to talk with Steve today to go through your insurance requirements, and together, you can develop insurance plans that work for you now, and in the future.

We think about you and those you care about. We pride ourselves on ensuring the service you receive is personalised to your requirements. We aim to find the best and most affordable insurance policies.