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Trinity Insurance clients enjoy custom-developed insurance plans to ensure they have a comprehensive level of protection against any risks in their business or personal lives.

Founded by Steve Maley, at Trinity Insurance, Steve makes it the core of his business to listen to clients, understand their needs, and ensure they have insurance protection finely tuned to their needs, with no unnecessary costs.

Personal Insurance Types

– Life Insurance

Make sure you don’t leave any surprises behind for your family to deal with. Comprehensive Life Insurance ensures any debt is paid off, and that your dependants and surviving partner are provided for so they have less to deal with during a difficult time.

– Health Insurance

Ensure you and your family are on the fast track to comprehensive medical treatments and procedures. Health Insurance helps you get treatment without dealing with public waiting lists or big bills to pay afterwards.

– Trauma Insurance

Sometimes known as Critical Illness insurance, Trauma Cover pays you a predefined sum if you suffer from a serious illness covered by your policy, such as a heart attack, cancer or a stroke. This can be used to help with treatment, pay down debt, take a holiday or anything else you want.

– Total & Permanent Disability

If you develop a disability that prevents you from working in your chosen field, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance pays you out a pre-defined lump sum to help you cope with your change in circumstances.

– Income Protection

If you are employed or Self employed and you rely on your business and its turnover for you income, you need Income Protection Insurance, which pays you out a percentage of your taxable profit, or your wage, for a pre-set period of time.

– Mortgage Protection

This is a tax free benefit that protects your loved ones’ most precious asset, their home, in the event of death, illness or accident leaving you unable to make your mortgage payments. Buying a home is often the biggest purchase we make in our lifetimes, so it makes perfect sense to ensure you are protected when you do so.

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