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Trinity Insurance clients enjoy custom-developed insurance plans to ensure they have a comprehensive level of protection against any risks in their business or personal lives.

Founded by Steve Maley, at Trinity Insurance, Steve makes it the core of his business to listen to clients, understand their needs, and ensure they have insurance protection finely tuned to their needs, with no unnecessary costs.

Steve Maley

Steve has years of experience in the New Zealand insurance industry and has developed an intuitive understanding of how Risk Insurance works in this country, and what the pitfalls of accepting poor insurance policies can be.

Steve’s number one priority in his work is to listen to people and understand them and their needs. This enables him to develop comprehensive and affordable insurance packages specific to your needs.

The risk insurances Steve specialises in are life, trauma, disablement, income and mortgage protection. He also can also offer health insurance, and health cover for people working in New Zealand or overseas on a Visa.

Steve holds a Certificate in Financial Services – Level 5. Steve has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and PAA.

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We think about you and those you care about. We pride ourselves on ensuring the service you receive is personalised to your requirements. We aim to find the best and most affordable insurance policies.